Short stay in Singapore

We touched down in Changi Airport after our cheap and cheerful flight with Jet Star. On exit to the airport, we were quickly introduced to the technology and efficiency of the South East Asian city-state in the form of the skyline train service which took us from the airport to the area of Boon Keng, near to our hostel.

DSC_0574 copy

The first things you are hit by (and then continually hit by for the whole duration) are rules, rules and more rules. Some of them worse than others, such as the “No food or drink is to be consumed on the train service”. Beyond that, the city has a fair bit to offer, but unfortunately not a great deal for those of us on a tight budget.

One of the humorous rules, “No Durians”:

DSC_0537 copy

Most of our time in the city was spent on wandering around like lost puppies and gawping at things we couldn’t afford to buy or do. Food tasting was something we did manage to do a little of – deep fat fried frog being one of the more memorable – tasted goood.

Checking out Chinatown:


Wishing on a tripod at the Marina:


By making use of the train system – the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), we were able to see a decent amount of the city for the time that we had there. Overall, my opinion of the place resides at somewhat neutral, it wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t bad either. Mostly I put this view down to the unavoidable comparison between India and Sri Lanka which make Singapore seem bland and tame.


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