Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)

Next on our agenda was Adam’s Peak in Dalhousie – Sri Lanka’s fourth highest mountain and a pilgrimage site for buddhist monks.


If you’re planning on doing the hike, I’d recommend doing the opposite of what we did and book some accommodation in Dalhousie so you can get a good rest and not have to worry about buses etc.

Our plan involved keeping our main bags in our hotel in Kandy, taking a day bag with a change of clothes and getting a train from Kandy to Hatton (where we informed buses would run regularly to Dalhousie) and returning the following day by the same method.

The best time to climb is so that you reach the peak for sunrise, so we left in good time. When we arrived in Hatton we learned the buses were more irregular than we had assumed, so we ended up hitching a tuk-tuk to the base of the mountain in Dalhousie.

Now, a tuk-tuk isn’t the most spacious of vehicles so four guys was always going to be a struggle. It is safe to say that laying on my back across Jamie, Ash and Alex’s legs didn’t sound great at first, but turned out to be a brilliant experience.

The climb itself can be pretty challenging depending on your intensity of approach. When you reach the peak the sights are very rewarding:



We stayed for sun rise but weren’t fortunate enough to catch a good one due to cloud cover. We made our descent as it began to rain. The awesome views of waterfalls, surrounding mountains and greenery continued to wow us.

After a long rest we booked our hostel in Galle – time to hit the beaches of Sri Lanka!



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