New Delhi, India

First real taste of traveling. Out of the airport and into the marvelous mayhem of India. The beeping of the horns like the chirping of birds is the first thing that hits you. Followed be the strong smells.

Our taxi van arrived and we bundled our bags into the back. I sat in the front. There was a large crack through the windscreen and the erratic driving that pursued was so much fun, though a little nerve-wracking at times. The traffic is stupendous. I lost count of the number of near-collissions we had. It’s really funny how the vehicles communicate by the beeping of their horns. The road systems are mind boggling. Our driver wasn’t the smoothest. We stalled a handful of times on our journey.

After 5 minutes or so of driving, we stopped at a petrol station. We were all asked to leave the car while it was refueled with gas. We then continued into the chaos. The van started to overheat so we were forced to pull over again and again so our driver could refill the water (must have been a leak or something). Eventually we had to swap vehicles. Due to our struggling vehicle and the swapping of taxi’s, the journey took hours longer than it should have.

We didn’t drive on for much longer until we were led out on foot through bustling alley ways with neon signs hanging in the doorways and mopeds driving skillfully through. We tipped the second driver when he located the hostel. He said he would pass it on to the previous driver in the morning, to which we all just laughed and nodded at. We headed on to check-in and had to hand our passports over and pay up front. We got them back after a little while and decided to pop out to grab some food and a drink before some much needed sleep.

(The dite cock was lovely)

To stay on the safe side we ordered 2 pizzas (Margarita and Cheese & Onion). The pizzas were a welcome change from the in-flight meals we were given. Once we were done we made our way back to the hostel and made use of the free wifi for a bit before hitting the sack.


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